5 Top Outside Hangouts

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Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach and Coney Island Beach


Sixty degrees or higher and you don’t know where to go? Why not stop by one of these beaches to walk around, take pictures and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Coney Island has also started renovating their neighborhood and has added many new roller coasters and chained restaurants.┬áThe three beaches are connected along one boardwalk so you can easily walk along the three beaches.

Brooklyn Beaches

Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights


Down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass otherwise known as DUMBO, is a neighborhood full of adventures and fun. You can walk along the pathway or across the bridge and take pictures of the New York skyline. This neighborhood also features many great restaurants to eat at and dessert places. Some of the most popular restaurants at Dumbo is “Grimaldi’s” and “Luke’s Lobster”. And Dumbo is also home to Jane’s Carousel.


Bay Ridge Bike Path


This bike path is located along the bay. You can go here for a quick run or to bike. You can also sit along the benches and talk or read. It is a really relaxing environment. At the end of the path, there is also a little shopping area that includes, Best Buy, Modell’s, Kohl’s, Toys R Us, Five Guys, and Wendy’s.

Bay Ridge Bike Path

Prospect Park


Prospect Park is a 585 acres public park. The park is perfect for hanging out with friends, a date, or just to relax and have some time for yourself. You can grab a group of friends and have a picnic on their open grass, or grab a bike and race a friend. This park also offers a zoo, a boathouse, concerts, ice skating in the winter time, and a beautiful lake.

Prospect Park

Newtown Creek Nature Walk


The Newtown Creek Nature Walk is a quarter-mile creekside path that features a foliage and sitting areas with a view of a water treatment plant. You can walk around here with your friends or sit and catch up while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Newtown Creek Nature Walk

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